Pre-Royale G Mini - Luxury Modular Grinder

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Carry confidence everywhere you grind with the G-Mini Luxury Modular Grinder by Pre-Royale. More than just a fashionable grinder, the Pre-Royale G-Mini is a conversation starter. This beautiful hand-held herb grinder is constructed of CNC machine-milled aerospace-grade aluminum to give it extreme strength and durability. It features the strongest neodymium magnets to keep the lid tight and secure.

This incredible grinder features razor-sharp teeth at the bottom chamber that are pointed to puncture your herb. Its modular design is ideal for life on the go, offering portability and a size-adjustable design.

Pre-Royale disrupted all the existing basic grinders by designing this unit with a luxurious touch of gold plated trim and prestigious styling. This is the only grinder with a gold spade that acts as a spoon to get your herb to the bowl with complete control. This means no more sticky fingers or spilled bud. 

Designed longer than most, this grinder fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for easy gripping. Just twist the knurl cap with gentle friction and effortlessly grind away. You won't miss out on potent kief thanks to the removable mesh screen for easy collection. 

The G-Mini has all the same great features as the full-size grinder by Pre-Royale, except it has no storage container. The grinder comes in a multitude of colors and features a multifunctional clip on the side.  It ships in a luxurious gift box and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 


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