Pre-Royale G - Luxury Modular Grinder

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It's no secret that smoking has a stigma. But the concept of a "stoner" has changed. Smoking is so ubiquitous these days that pretty much anyone and everyone partakes-- and integrates it with a successful lifestyle. 

That's the mission behind Pre-Royale's "Royale G." This matte black luxury modular grinder was designed with sophistication in mind. You deserve a grinder that matches your luxurious taste and lifestyle of success. Image is everything in this world. It's time to end the stigma. 

It's one thing to project an image of success. But a true baller is one whose success runs deep through their blood, rooted in the marrow of their bones. That's why this grinder has the build quality to back it up.

It features a modular design with an ergonomic, knurled grip. It's heavy duty double anodized aerospace grade with razor sharp teeth, 2 storage compartments, and a built-in scoop. 

It's got bells, it's got whistles, it's got style. 

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