POUNDS by Snoop Dogg Friendship Pipe

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Brand new to the Snoop Dogg Pounds line, the Friendship is a modern hand pipe crafted from high quality borosilicate glass that features a built in screen, flat mouthpiece and Pounds fist decal. Conceived in outer space and designed in California, the Friendship has a unique look with great functionality. The bowl has a built in honeycomb screen, which protects you from unwanted materials and ash falling through while smoking. The Friendship is available in several bold colored accents, each pipe has Snoop's signature on the chamber. Look up to the stars and step into the intergalactic bound of The Friendship!

  • Sleek, Modern Design
  • Built in Screen
  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Bright Accent Colors
  • Snoop Dogg's Signature Decal
  • POUNDS Decal
  • Length: 5"

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