Portable Waterbag Pipe - 10 Pack

Portable Waterbag Pipe - 10 Pack

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Perfect for outdoor adventures, parties, festivals, and all types of travel, Portable Water Pipes are the fun new way to enjoy your favorite dry herbs. This is a 10-piece display box of Waterbag Portable Water Pipes consisting of several fun styles and colors. 

Each Pipe is 10-inches tall and comes with a 10mm metal dry herb bowl and downstem that's secured with a plastic grommet. Included with each pipe is a screw-on cap to cover the mouthpiece to prevent leakage.

These lightweight, colorful, and durable portable water pipes are easy to pack in a bag or pocket for on-the-go fun. People love taking these pipes camping, hiking, and all types of outdoor events where smoking is allowed.

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