Portable Glass Dab Straw with Quartz Tip

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Instead of dropping a chunk of concentrate on the surface of a hot nail and hoping for the best, arm yourself with this Portable Glass Dab Straw with the quartz tip. This 5-inch long vapor straw puts more control in your hands and allows you to take smaller, more controlled hits. 

This dab straw made of high-quality borosilicate glass has a 10mm removable pointed quartz tip. The pointed tip works very well with hard and waxy concentrates, making it easy to remove a piece and  place it into your banger. The built-in feet keep the straw in place when you're not using it so it won't roll away and get lost. 

Take your dabbing game to a whole new level and get this easy-to-use dab straw that comes in varying assorted colors. 

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