Piecemaker UniKorn Silicone Unicorn Bong

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Unicorns are mythical creatures said to have special magical powers to grant wishes of those who are pure at heart. Whether or not you're pure at heart, your heart will be in the right place when you share this charming & unique Unikorn Silicone Unicorn Water Pipe with your smoking friends. 

Made with food-grade silicone, this 6-inch water pipe by Piecemaker has everything you need to enjoy your favorite herb. Just load the mesh-integrated stainless steel bowl, light up, and inhale through the mouthpiece at the tip of the horn. Use the ergonomic carb hole at the back of the piece to clear the smoke. 

This flexible and durable unicorn pipe made of silicone uses a unique Hex-Tek designed unbreakable downstem. This downstem is engineered to create more bubbles for ultimate filtration. This ensures your hits are smooth, clean, and tasty. 

When you're not smoking the pipe, cover the bowl with the colorful unicorn tail cap to keep your herb safe, fresh, and ready to go. When it's time you clean your unicorn pipe, remove the head and downstem and get to work.

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