Piecemaker Silicone Downstem Diffuser

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Stop replacing those constantly breaking, tired glass downstems and give your glass a well-deserved upgrade with our PieceMaker silicone stems! Available in 4.5″ (Regular) or 6″ (XL) lengths and fitting 18mm openings, these provide an awesome pop of color to your old school rig.

For those in the know, your PieceMaker Kermit, Kolt or Kali can be also accommodate these 4.5" downstems (6" XL is not compatible). This is a great opportunity to achieve a more sophisticated percolator experience.

  • Stop Breaking Glass Downstems
  • Nearly Indestructable
  • Built in Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Included "Kap" for Travel
  • Glow in the Dark (excludes Rasta)
  • Fits 18mm Openings
  • Compatible with Piecemaker Kali, Kolt & Kermit (4.5" only)
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Available in Regular (4.5") and XL (6")
  • Lengths Refer to Entire Length Including Bowl

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