Perky Pineapple Glass Honey Straw with Titanium Tip

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The Perky Pineapple Glass Honey Straw is 6-inches long and made of durable borosilicate glass. It features a 10mm joint and comes with a 10mm titanium tip, making it the perfect nectar collector for enjoying quick hits of your favorite concentrates. 

With its fun & colorful pineapple design, this honey straw will perk up your dab seshes every time you use it. It's a time-saver too! Instead of setting up your dab rig, pull out this nectar straw and simply heat the tip, dip, and sip! 

Because this honey straw is made of glass, no outside tastes will interfere with the flavor profiles of your waxy concentrates. The straw's titanium tip is super durable, heats up fast, and retains heat well for more efficient dabs. 

This boro glass honey straw with the pineapple design allows you to enjoy discreet &  quick rips of your favorite concentrates. Nab yours so you can dab with style at any time and anywhere!

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