Pass N' Puff Smokable Football

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The Pass N' Puff Smokable Football combines America's number one sport with the favorite pastime of stoners to make your weekends a lot more fun! The 9.3-inch long Smokable Football is made of injection-molded medical-grade plastic and it comes with a cap and a tube (smoke holder) so all you need to add is a joint! 

To use the Smokable Football simply unscrew the metal cap to reveal the metal tube. Place your smoke in the tube, light it up, then screw the cap back on. While holding one finger over the hole next to the threads of the football, squeeze while holding your mouth a few inches from the opening at the cap end of the ball and enjoy a powerful hit of smoke. You can then pass the football to a friend and the smoke will remain lit and in place while they enjoy their hit. It's brilliant, easy to use, and loads of fun! 

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