Ooze 14mm Thermal Quartz Banger

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Every Ooze dab rigs includes a standard Ooze banger, however, these can be easily damaged or lost. That's why Ooze offers not only replacement standard bangers, but also upgraded bangers such as this Thermal Quartz Banger. The Ooze Thermal Banger is made of quartz, sits at a 90 angle, and has an inner cup to drop concentrates in that provides a more even heating experience than the standard banger. This banger isn't just compatible with Ooze dab rigs but can be used with any water pipe with a 14mm female joint.

  • Quartz Thermal Banger
  • Compatible with any 14mm Female Joint
  • 90-Degree Angle
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Individually Packaged

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