NEU UV & Glow in the Dark Beaker Bong

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You don't have to use a boring looking water pipe to enjoy your dry herb strains. When you upgrade to this jaw-dropping Neu Glass 8-inch bong that glows in the dark, you'll be blown away by how cool it looks every time you use it. 

This classic beaker-style bong is made with thick and durable UV glass. It's outfitted with an ice-catcher that allows you to drop in some ice for cool and frosty rips. Included is a 14mm male bowl that holds plenty of herb for big and bold hits. 

This ice catcher bong has a 4-inch wide base so it won't tip over when you set it on a flat surface between hits or when loading the bowl.

This is the perfect piece for night seshes whether you're chillin’ at home or out at concerts, festivals, and other events where smoking is allowed. 

Pick your favorite from the 2 color scheme options and grab your glow in the dark beaker bong today. 

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