NEU Pyramid Water Pipe

NEU Pyramid Water Pipe

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If you're looking for a small dab rig with a cool design that delivers smooth and flavorful rips, you're going to love the Neu Glass 8-inch Pyramid Water Pipe. This compact rig is made from high-quality durable glass, and it looks amazing!

The rig is equipped with a showerhead percolator that's designed to deliver awesome airflow and smooth smoke diffusion. The unique shape of the perc sends water out to the sides of the chamber to eliminate splashback and cool down your hits.

This bent neck pyramid rig has a flared mouthpiece for comfortable use and a clear glass body that lets you see how big of a hit you're getting. 

This rig is supported by a thick & wide round base, so it won't tip over when loading the 14.5mm male quartz thermal banger or when you set it on a flat surface between rips. 

This beautiful compact concentrate rig is available in your choice of three colors: Black, Jade, or White. 

Whether you're new to enjoying concentrates or a seasoned connoisseur, this little rig has everything you need to get the maximum enjoyment from your waxes and oils.

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