NEU Glass Shower Head Ball Concentrate Rig

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The well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing Neu 8-inch Showerhead Ball Water Pipe is ready to take all your seshes to the next level of dabbing enjoyment.

This beautiful, beaker-style concentrate rig with the bent neck is made with 4mm thick high-quality glass. It has a thick round base for great stability and to prevent the piece from tipping over. 

Once you load your concentrate into the 14mm male thermal banger, heat it up and take a draw, the smoke travels through the fixed reinforced downstem into the ball showerhead perc for maximum filtration & diffusion so you get amazingly smooth & cool rips. 

This clear glass concentrate rig is adorned with a Neu Glass logo. It comes in your choice of three color accents on the mouthpiece, around the top of the smoke chamber, and on the round base.

If you're looking for a portable concentrate rig for everyday use that delivers a smooth, cool, and flavorful smoking experience, this beauty will deliver well beyond your expectations. Pick your favorite color and order today. 

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