NEU Glass Concentrate Rig Shower Head

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The Neu 10" Showerhead Water Pipe has what it takes to extract the intense flavors and effects from your concentrates while keeping your hits silky smooth. With its thick and durable glass construction and sleek & effective showerhead percolator for optimal diffusion, this affordable rig has the look, feel, and function of a premium piece. 

This concentrate rig won't tip over when you're loading the 14.5mm male-jointed quartz thermal banger or when setting the bong down between rips, thanks to its wide round base.

The stylish bent neck is at the perfect smoking angle. The showerhead perc infuses the puffs you take with bubbling water so you can enjoy the smooth delectable flavors of your concentrates. 

This great-looking rig is adorned with a Neu Glass logo and has color accents on the  mouthpiece, showerhead perc, and round base. Pick your favorite color from the 4 choices (Green, Black, Blue, & Honey) and nab yours today. 

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