NEU 8" Inline Swiss Mini Dab Rig

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The compact 8-inch Inline Swiss Water Pipe by Neu Glass is the perfect combination of modern style and high-end functionality. This concentrate rig features a built-in Swiss inline percolator that provides excellent diffusion so you get smooth-as-butter hits that bring out the flavors of your concentrates. 

With its wide base for stability and bent neck for the perfect smoking angle, this rig is durable and fun to use. You'll enjoy watching the bubbles build up in the clear glass chamber. 

The Inline Swiss rig comes with a 14mm male quartz thermal banger that holds as little or as much of your favorite waxes or oils. It's got a curved fixed downstem that keeps the banger away from the body of the piece for easy access when loading your concentrates. 

If you're looking for a travel-friendly concentrate rig that never fails to deliver smooth hits that are easy on your throat and lungs, this Neu Glass rig ticks all the right boxes. Pick your favorite color from the Jade or White options and nab yours today.

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