Nectar Collector Set With Dab Dish - 10mm

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Expand your wax concentrate collection with this Nectar Collector Set with Dab Dish. This ready-for-travel kit comes with everything you need to enjoy your favorite concentrates. 

The kit contains a 6-inch long nectar collector made of high-quality glass with a 10mm ground joint. You get a glass tip and a high-grade titanium tip as well as a glass dab dish. The nectar collector features an inner water chamber with a fixed diffuser to smooth and cool your dabs. It also has a carb hole on this side for controlling the intensity of your rips. 

To ensure the nectar collector doesn't roll away when you set it on a flat surface, there are marble roll stops built in. This dab kit is packaged inside a padded box that's perfect for travel. 

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