My Bud Vase Water Pipe - Rosette

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Need a special gift for your favorite lady stoner friend? The Rosette Water Pipe by My Bud Vase is the perfect piece. This 6.75-inch tall and 3-inch wide beautifully-crafted water pipe is made for the discerning smoker. 

The beautiful Rosette comes in aqua, coral, and mauve and it's reminiscent of vintage French porcelain with a curvy body, stoneware relief flower, with a matching stemmed poker.  This delicate, yet never fragile bong perfectly blends femininity with functionality for a high-class smoking experience. 

The Rosette features a fixed downstem and comes with a 2.5-inch small clear bubble bowl. Included is a My Bud Vase tag and certificate of authenticity. When you're not using this lovely porcelain piece, you can set it on your shelf to admire and nobody but you has to know it's a bong and not just a pretty vase. 

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