Multicolored Striped Stone Pipe

Multicolored Striped Stone Pipe

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The Multicolored Striped Stone Pipe has been hand carved from natural stone and polished to a nice sheen. It features a layered stone design to give it a great look.

This 4-inch long hand pipe is not only super durable, but it also has a deep bowl that holds an impressive amount of ground herb. 

With its long stem, the smoke has more time to cool so your hits are smooth and flavorful. This is a great pipe for camping, hiking, or just kicking back and relaxing at home.

You can toss this pipe in your backpack or purse without a second thought because it's pretty much indestructible! 

Note: Since these pipes are hand carved from natural stone, the color and appearance of the one you get may vary from the pipe in the photo. 

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