Multicolor Striped Stone Pipe

Multicolor Striped Stone Pipe

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This 3-inch long Multicolor Striped Stone Pipe offers the perfect way to take discreet hits of weed in public places. You can easily hide this little pipe in your hand so no one will see what you're doing. For all they know, you just found a cool rock that is really spicy.

This marble stone pipe features an intricately carved floral design and stripes made from different types of stone. It's a pipe you never have to worry about breaking, making it ideal for travel. 

 This affordable hand pipe easily fits into any pocket. It's a great little piece to use when you don't feel like rolling a joint. Just fill the bowl with your ground herb, torch it up, and you're good to go!

Because these stone pipes are hand carved, the colors and designs may vary.

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