Monkey Pipe Plus Fisherman's Friend

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The Monkey Pipe Plus (also known as 'The Fisherman's Friend') is an upgraded version of the Monkey Pipe Classic. Made with the same high quality hardwoods, this convenient on-the-go pipe now features a tobacco storage area so you can always have an extra bowl handy. The Monkey Pipe Plus folds up nicely to fit in your purse or wallet. Just slide open the top to expose the bowl and slide the metal cover to get to your extra stash. The Monkey Pipe Plus also features a removable bottom for easy cleaning. If you like your Monkey Pipe Classic, you'll love your new Monkey Pipe Plus.

  • Upgraded Version of Monkey Pipe Classic
  • Additional Tobacco Storage
  • Perfect Discreet, On-the-Go Pipe
  • Removeable Base for Easy Cleaning
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 2.25" x .5"

NOTE: Wood finish may vary.

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