MJ Arsenal Reclaim Catcher

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You asked and MJ Arsenal has delivered. Introducing the first reclaim accessory for your MJ Arsenal mini rigs and bongs. MJ Arsenal's revolutionary new catcher will catch and store your reclaims in style. Not using waxy materials? The catcher also doubles as a dry ash catcher for your dry herb bongs.

MJ Arsenal incorporated an 18mm to 10mm insert so you can use your reclaim catcher with a wider range of bangers, bowls and accessories. The 10mm catcher joint is compatible with any MJ Arsenal Mini Rig or Bong or any other water pipe with a 10mm female joint. Recycle or re-dab - it's up to you!

  • Reclaim and Re-Use Extracts with Dab Rigs
  • Catch Excess Ash and Keep Your Piece Cleaner with Bongs
  • 18mm to 10mm Insert Included
  • Compatible with any 10mm or 18mm Male Banger or Bowl
  • Compatible with any 10mm Female Water Pipe
  • MJ Arsenal Decal
  • Catcher Joint Size: 10mm
  • Bowl/Banger Joint Size: 10mm or 18mm

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