MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig

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MJ Arsenal is a brand committed to functionality above all else and that commitment shows with the Jammer Mini Rig. This seemingly simplistic palm-sized dab rig with its 100% pure quartz crystal banger delivers big blasts of non-stop flavor. 

The 6-inch tall Jammer is a no-frills little rig that's made of extra-thick 4mm borosilicate glass. Even though it's small, the Jammer has a reinforced base-connected percolator on board that generates big smooth rips that don't back down. The perc works by sending smoke down to the bottom of the chamber that forces fine bubbles to rise up through cooling water so you don't have to put up with any harsh hits. 

This MJ Arsenal mini rig features an ergonomically flared mouthpiece for your dabbing comfort. The high-quality boro glass construction means the rig is super sturdy and perfect for taking on-the-go rips when you're not at home. 

There's nothing to dislike about the Jammer and a whole lot to love. It's small, mighty, and ready to blow you away with smoothness and amazing flavor. Nab one today and find out for yourself why this is one of MJ Arsenal’s best! 

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