MJ Arsenal ISO Station

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The MJ Arsenal ISO Station is the quintessential add-on for any clean freak. This holster keeps all of your cleaning tools and solutions in one convenient place so you can have it right where you need it during your next dab session.

With the ISO Station as part of your dab rig set-up, you can maintain your borosilicate glass and quartz products easily than ever before. Extend the life of your rigs, maximize the flavor of your oils, and do it all in style with the ISO Station from MJ Arsenal.

  • Keeps Cleaning Tools and Solutions Together
  • Conveniently Use Cleaning Tools During Your Next Session
  • Extend Life of Borosilicate Glass and Quartz Products
  • Silicone Plug for Cleaning Solutions Chamber
  • MJ Arsenal Decal
  • Size: 3.25" x 2"

NOTE: Cotton swabs pictured not included.

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