MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Dab Rig

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The MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig is a palm-sized ripper that combines two tried-and-true functions, the classic fab egg percolator and the double uptake recycler to deliver some of the smoothest vapor you'll ever have the pleasure of inhaling. 

This little concentrate rig is handcrafted from durable boro glass. Its travel-ready, compact design allows vapor to cycle through water so it cools down in just seconds.  

This rig is just 5.5 inches tall, making it super easy to pack in your bag and take with you. It's fitted with a 10mm female joint and comes with a 10mm male quartz banger. 

The Infinity Mini Rig provides you with the best possible flavor from your concentrates because they're not exposed to air inside the chamber. MJ Arsenal even added a reclaim catcher to prevent clogging and to make it easy to clean the rig when needed. 

It's small, stylish, powerful, and hits like a boss. The MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig has everything you'd ever want in a premium hand-held concentrate rig. Do yourself a favor and get one today.

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