MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig

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Enrich your glass collection with the Atlas Mini Rig. Another awesome release by MJ Arsenal, this rig is designed to offer impressive water filtration from a small package.

The secret of this rig is in its spherical shape designed to prevent the water from reaching the air path. The unique double ball chamber and honeycomb percolator generate smooth and clean draws. The chamber also works as a splash guard.

The MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig is made with high-grade borosilicate glass which is resistant to damage and heat. The tight seal between the mouthpiece and the ground glass connection ensures the smoke reaches you when it's tastiest and most potent.

 The Atlas rig is primarily designed for flavor chasers, so you'll also receive a 100% quartz banger that prevents combustion and allows flavor-packed milky hits. 

Ultra-compact yet offering advanced filtration, the Atlas mini-rig is a must-have for your camping trips and other outdoor adventures. 

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