Mini Water Pipe with Wig Wag Neck

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If you're a dry herb lover with a sense of style, you're going to love smoking your favorite strains using this Mini Water Pipe with the Wig Wag Neck. This fantastic portable water pipe has a sexy curvy neck with a rounded mouthpiece for comfortable use.

The curved neck is adorned with a colorful wig wag design that matches the design on the inside bottom of the beaker base. The accent colors on both ends of the neck and the pipe's 14.5mm female joint make this bong a real standout piece. The whole pipe is constructed of high-quality thick glass. Included is a handled 14.5mm funnel-style male herb bowl. 

Whether you need a travel-friendly pipe to take along with you or a new daily driver for at-home use, this little unit will get the job done admirably. We love this water pipe and are confident you'll feel the same once you get your hands on it! 

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