Mini Inverted Honeycomb Perc Swiss Dab Rig - The Popper

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If you don't know what "poppers" are, don't worry about it. If you do-- are you single, by any chance?

This little buster is certain to relax plenty of involuntarily muscles, then give you a night you'll never forget. You may want to, especially if you're referring to August 12, 2015 in Amsterdam. But you won't.

The mini inverted honeycomb perc on this Swiss rig will spin you right 'round, providing smooth hits that penetrate deep. The 14.5mm male banger slides perfectly into its female counterpart (just make sure she doesn't find out about August 12, 2015 in Amsterdam).

Available in multiple different finishes and colors, the thick borosilicate glass rig packs a big punch with a classically intricate design.

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