Simple Scientific Mini Glass Oil Dab Rig with Banger

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This Mini Glass Oil Rig stands just 5.25-inches tall. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but big enough to deliver huge dabs full of flavor. 

This sturdy little rig is made of high-quality glass. It features a 14.5 mm female joint and has a showerhead perc onboard for delivering smooth rips that are easy on your throat and lungs. Included with this nice little rig is a 14.5 mm male quartz side banger nail with a 4 mm super thick bowl.

You'll enjoy watching the bubbling action through the clear glass as you draw on the flared mouthpiece at the end of the ergonomically-designed bent neck. This is a highly efficient rig that's perfectly portable for quick and easy dabbing on-the-go. 

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