Metallic Floral Diamond Water Pipe

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Smoke in truly elegant style with this attractive Metallic Floral Diamond Water Pipe. This 13-inch tall beauty is made from quality borosilicate glass. It features a sleek floral diamond pattern in metallic print on top of a solid-colored beaker-style body that comes in assorted hues. 

This cool glass water pipe is outfitted with a 14.5mm female joint. It comes with a diffused downstem to ensure your hits are smooth and a great looking clear glass herb bowl. There's a handle on the bowl for easy lifting and to keep your fingers away from the heat. 

You'll love owning this eye-catching beaker-style water pipe and sharing it with friends. When you place your order, we'll send you this pipe in the color that's available at the time. There's no doubt you'll be pleased with the one you get because they're all great! 

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