Medicali Medium 4-Part Grinder

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Designed with medicinal users in mind, this 4-piece grinder is easy to use and delivers perfect results every time.

Crafted with medical-grade anodized aluminum, this compact grinder will last a lifetime - and will never release any harmful metal chips into your herbs. The diamond-shaped teeth provide a fluffy grind, perfect for your medical vaporizer.

The piece has a friction ring and textured grip to make grinding more comfortable, which is especially important if you struggle with wrist pain.

The top two compartments are sealed with a top-quality rare-earth magnet, and the bottom two easily screw apart. The bottom compartments contain a sifting screen and a pollen catcher to collect the finest and most potent bits from your materials.

This well-rounded premium grinder comes in a variety of metallic colors, including black, blue, gold, green, ruby, and purple. 

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