Marley Natural Glass Spoon Pipe

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The Marley Natural Brand

Dedicated to creating uniquely designed accessories, Marley Natural offers an elevated line of bowls and smoking products for discerning tobacco connoisseurs. Balancing intuitive form with subtle Jamaican-inspired accents, our products cater to a personalized and very sensory approach to the classic ritual of smoking. Marley Natural is a lifestyle line influenced by Jamaica’s positive energy. Marley Natural wood and glass pipes give you the feel of traditional pieces with the convenience of modern design features.

Functional Design and Quality Materials

The Marley Natural Spoon Pipe is created from refined black walnut wood and hand-blown glass. This piece is custom-designed to maximize both quality and durability. Enjoy an exceptionally smooth smoking experience with consistent draws, as the pipe is constructed with a comfortable rounded stem and heat-resistant glass bowl. If you’re looking for an exceptional pipe to take on your next travels, choose the glass and wood Marley Natural Spoon Pipe with its compact form and detachable parts. This functional design also allows for easy cleaning of the product so you can get a fresh hit more often.

  • Hand-Blown Glass and Black Walnut Wood
  • Exceptionally Smooth Smoking Experience
  • Beautiful Custom Design
  • Detachable Parts for Easy Cleaning and Portability
Length 4.5”
Height 2”
Material Glass, Black Walnut

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