Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

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When you've got a strong urge to smoke, surely you want to enjoy your herbs as fast as you can. That's why you should be doing your prep work with the Mamba Electric Herb Grinder. Unlike a manual twist-type grinder, the Mamba operates at a quick and consistent speed so it grinds your herbs consistently and predictably. 

The Mamba Grinder also helps to unlock your flower's hidden tastes, aromas, and potency for elevated smoking experiences. The small and portable Mamba features a precise cone-shaped dispensing system so you can easily fill your vaporizers, pipes, rolling papers, and stash containers without leaving any wastage behind.

You can operate the Mamba with just one hand and it's 15 times faster than a manual herb grinder. With its set of sharp, diamond-cut teeth made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, the Mamba shreds through even the stickiest buds with ease. 

The Mamba is professionally engineered for top performance. It has a forward-reverse rocker switch to prevent clogging and stalling and uses energy very efficiently for maximum battery life. The Mamba is powered by a 1500mAh Li-ion USB rechargeable battery. You'll get three hours worth of grinding out of a full charge which is very impressive you'll have to agree! 

The grinder's calibrated gear system coupled with its powerful motor generates high torque for powerful grinds every time you pick it up and use it. And speaking of using it, the Mamba offers a user-friendly free-standing design. The grinder's cone-shaped head dispenses your herb accurately and hygienically so you can enjoy a touchless grinding and filling experience. 

The Mamba Electric Grinder is available in three colors: Black & Black, Pink & Silver, and Charcoal & Green. 

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