LA Pipes Limited Edition 8" Iridescent Disco Beaker Set

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Enjoy some retro groovy vibes with this eye-catching Disco Beaker Set.

This set is created by LA Pipes, a brand that makes beautiful hand blown pieces since 1997. It features a classic beaker shape and 38 mm heavy borosilicate tubing, so it'll serve you a long time. But where it really stands out is in its cool iridescent finish. This look is achieved with dichroic coating, and makes it appear the beaker is always changing colors, depending on the light. 

This piece comes ready for use, both with flower and herbs. It comes with a 2 mm thick quartz banger that has a reinforced 4 mm base. It also includes a titanium iridescent dabber with silicone covers. Finally, if you want to enjoy your herbs, just equip the removable diffused downstem with the included flower bowl. 

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