Mini Barrel Dab Rig

  • $59.99
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Enjoy the intensity of dabs without any harshness with this compact 5.5-inch tall dab rig with a barrel body. You won't bust your budget or sacrifice on design with this rig made of quality glass!

The Mini Barrel Dab Rig is equipped with a polished 14.5mm female joint and uses a fire-cut diffused downstem to filter and smooth your hits. It comes with a 2-4mm quartz banger of which the style may vary, depending on availability.

This little rig has a colored glass marble accent on the body and a matching colored flared mouthpiece. The slightly bent neck makes taking hits comfortable and the thick wide round base keeps everything stable. This rig is ideal for travel with its small size and the perfect oil rig to use at home when you want to do some quick dabbing. The Barrel comes in two color choices: Jade and Sapphire. 


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