Kromedome LED Recycler Rig

  • $129.99
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Add a chill vibe and ambiance to your dab sessions with the first of its kind LED Recycler Rig by Kromedome. This rig stands 9-inches tall and features a power knob you rotate to activate the LED light so you can watch the water percolate green through the recycler.

Made of durable high-quality glass, this cool rig is perfect for solo use or travel. It will fit into your backpack or bag so you can take it along to parties to wow your friends with its light-up ability!

The rig is outfitted with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a diffused downstem to filter and smooth  your rips. There is no banger included with the rig so you’ll have to use your own that has a 14.5mm male connection. 

The LED Recycler features the Kromedome name running down the front of the neck and the Kromedome logo on the side. If you tend to do your dabbing after dark, this kickass rig is just what you need to light up the night! 

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