King Palm Hemp Wick

King Palm Hemp Wick

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Lighters are convenient but every time you flick that Bic you're releasing butane into the air that is ultimately being inhaled with your herb. If you're looking for a natural alternative to traditional lighters when rolling your own or smoking a bowl look no further than King Palm's Hemp Wick.

King Palm Hemp Wick rope is made of natural hemp fibers and covered in beeswax - two optimal renewable resources. Each roll contains 17 feet of hemp wick. To use, extend a small piece of hemp wick out the top of the roll and light it. This small flame will stay lit until you put it out, so it can light a King Palm, blunt, joint, or light a bowl or bong multiple times without going out. Simply aim it up or down to control the flame and start enjoying a healthier smoke sesh.

  • Natural Alternative to Traditional Butane Lighters
  • Prevents from Inhaling Butane Gas
  • Perfect for King Palms, Joints, Blunts, Bowls or Bongs
  • Made from Renewable Resources
  • Stays Lit Until You Put it Out
  • Easy to Use
Brand King Palm
Material Hemp Fibers, Beeswax
Length 17'

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