King Palm Extendable Smoke Clip

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We know you love your King Palm wraps. Now it's time to step up the experience with the King Palm Extendable Smoke Clip. Securely hold your King Palm with the strong claw clasp that ensures your blunt will stay put throughout your smoke sesh. The extendable clip can expand up to 1.5' in length so you can pass it to a friend or reach the ashtray without leaving your seat.

Using a Smoke Clip has more benefits than just looking like a boss. No more sticky fingers that reek like smoke, and you’ll have a much easier time keeping that smoke out of your eyes. Forget about dropping the blunt when you pass it to the left. The Smoke Clip gives the next person a handle to grab when the roll gets short instead of trying to grab onto the filter.

  • Securely Holds King Palms, Joints, Cigarillos and More
  • Strong Claw Clasp
  • Extendable up to 1.5'
  • Prevents Sticky or Burnt Fingers
  • King Palm Decal
  • Available in Gold or Black
  • Length: 6.5" (up to 1.5')

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