King Palm Dragon Egg Snuffer

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Snuffers are a handy smoking accessory that don't get nearly enough attention. The Dragon Egg Snuffer from King Palm can replace your ashtray and give you a place to put out your King Palm, joint or blunt easily and conveniently. The snuffer will extinguish the flame so that you can save your favorite pre-roll and come back to it later.

These snuffers from King Palm feature a magnetic bottom so you can attach it to a metal rolling tray or ashtray and not have to worry about it going anywhere. The small grooves on the top of the Snuffer’s sides allow you to tap off any excess ash, while the hollow center makes extinguishing your cherry seamless. Featuring traditional Dragon artwork in honor of the Lunar New Year, snuff out your King Palms in style. Available in several colors.

  • Extinguish King Palms, Joints, Pre-Rolls & Blunts
  • Perfect to Put Out and Save for Later
  • Magnetic Bottom Attaches to Metal Rolling Trays or Ashtrays
  • Grooves to Ash Your King Palm or Pre-Roll
  • Traditional Dragon Artwork
  • Available in Several Colors
Brand King Palm
Material Metal
Size 1.25" x 1"

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