KindVibez Iridescent Swirl Glass Water Pipe - Angelic

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Enjoy straightforward bong hits with the 12-inch tall Angelic Water Pipe by KindVibez. This tall and sturdy bong is made of thick and durable iridescent glass that changes color in different lighting. The iridescent swirl design on this water pipe is mesmerizing, especially if you use it outdoors in bright sunlight. 

The Angelic features a flared mouthpiece that creates a tight seal around your lips. It's outfitted with a 45-degree 18.8mm female joint and comes with a removable diffused downstem. Also included is a handled male herb slide with a bowl that's nice and deep. There's even an ice pinch built into the straight tube above the joint for those times you want to enjoy extra smooth and icy hits. 

This long straight tube water pipe is supported by a thick round base. It would make a great addition to a glass collection and an awesome party piece to share with friends. 

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