KindVibez Ethereal Iridescent Bent Neck Water Pipe

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The Ethereal Iridescent Water Pipe by KindVibez has a bent neck that makes it great for use on a table instead of having to precariously balance the pipe on your lap. The bent neck also keeps your face a safe distance from the flame which is great for safety.  

This 7-inch tall beaker-style bong with the flared mouthpiece has an ice pinch on board to add a frosty touch to your rips. It's outfitted with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a matching removable downstem and a handled male herb slide. 

The water pipe is made of durable iridescent glass that has an almost magical ability to change color under different light. This is a beautiful water pipe that has the potential to become the main attraction of your glass collection. It ships in varying colors. 

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