Keo Pipe Disc

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The Keo Disc Pipe is an innovative pipe with an unusual design. When you show up with the Keo you'll be the talk of the party. This ultra-discreet disc-shaped pipe takes smoking to the next level. It features a shatterproof stainless steel inner construction with a smooth and beautiful black outer coating made of food-grade silicone. 

This compact & slim round pipe measures 3.0" wide and weighs just 4.25 ounces, making it the perfect travel companion. The Keo Disc consists of two sections that are held together by one powerful rare-earth magnet. It only takes a few seconds to take the pipe apart to fill or clean it. 

Filling and using the Keo Disc is easy. Use your fingernail to separate the two sections and fill the pipe with finely ground herb. Put the two pieces back together, open the bowl slider cover to access the heating chamber and light up. Then take a hit through the mouthpiece opening. As your herb begins to run out, just spin the top to access more of your herbal product. 

You'll never have to deal with dirty, clogged filters with the Keo Disc. This pipe uses V-Gap Filter Technology that consists of a screen-less 200 micron filter that lets only the cleanest smoke through. 

The Keo Disc comes with a hard case with extra space inside to fit a small lighter, making this a complete pocket-friendly smoking kit. Get yours today.

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