Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinder

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The Black Series Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinder featuring a Monofilament  EZ Screen is made of medical-grade aluminum that's been coated and anodized in black color.  At just 2.5-inches in size, it's perfectly portable for meeting your grinding needs while on-the-go. 

This grinder with the modular design can easily be made into an even smaller unit by simply removing the sifting chamber. The patent-pending Monofilament Easy Change Screen is a cinch to replace when it's worn out or when you want a different mesh size. 

This is an awesome little grinder from Kannastor that never fails to shred and grind your nugs into the perfect consistency for rolling. There's a magnetic lid onboard that keeps the unit securely together to prevent spills. To protect your investment, Kannastor offers its lifetime guarantee on this grinder that's built to last forever. 

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