Kannastor 4-Piece Solid Body Grinder

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Grind and go with ease using the 4-piece Solid Body Grinder by Kannastor. This portable grinder that comes in three sizes (2.5", 2.2", 1.5") has everything you need to perfectly grind your dry herb so it's ready for rolling joints and packing bowls. This grinder is powerful, versatile, and built to provide you with a lifetime's worth of reliable use. 

Made with durable and virtually unbreakable anodized aluminum, the 4-piece Solid Body Grinder looks great with its cool modular design. This design allows you to use it as it is, with 4 pieces or to break it down into a more compact unit by screwing off the chamber you don't need. 

The grinder's sharp teeth never fail to give you a fluffy grind. When your screen wears out, you can swap it with another or try a different mesh size. Pick the size you want in the color you like best and get yours today.

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