K. Haring Dab Rig with Banger & Cap

  • $135.00
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If you love Keith Haring and his iconic pop-art, you should check out this officially licensed K. Haring Rig. 

This premium piece combines impressive filtration with an artistic look that will stand out in any collection. It has turbine perc that delivers incredibly cool and smooth draws. The built-in splash guard prevents the water from reaching the mouthpiece and the 90-degree downstem and included directional carb cap give you ultimate control of your experience. 

This rig is made with borosilicate glass and Haring's bold designs are hand applied and heat-resistant. Haring's signature completes the piece and is also found on the rig's box. The box has thick foam walls so you can use it for storage. 

The rig is available in four popular Haring's designs. 

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