Jay and Silent Bob "Bluntman & Chronic" Ice Bong

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This 12-inch tall Blunt Man & Chronic ice bong will satisfy all your smoking needs! It's constructed of 5 mm thick premium handblown boro glass and features an 18.8 mm female ground joint. It comes with an inside-cut 18.8 mm > 14.5 mm diffused downstem to filter and smooth the hits you take from the rimmed mouthpiece that's comfortable to use. Included is a 14.5 mm male herb bubble bowl that holds a respectable amount of ground herb. 

The bullet ice catcher built into the straight tube cools and smooths your hits and serves as a splash guard. This clear glass beaker bong is decorated with colorful Bluntman & Chronic imagery and lines. It's an awesome ice bong that comes packaged in a sturdy custom box that's perfect for gift-giving. 

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