Jay and Silent Bob Bluntman Aluminum Grinder

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Always be prepared for a smoke pause with this portable 2-inch Jay and Silent Bob Grinder. This is a 3-part grinder made of durable CNC aluminum and that has a magnetic lid and a nylon friction ring for smooth grinding every time you use it. The grinder has a Bluntman decal on the top and a Jay and Silent Bob decal on the bottom. 

The grinder has razor-sharp teeth to grind your herb into the perfect fluffy consistency you need for rolling. The bottom part of the grinder unscrews to reveal the pollen screen and a kief-catching bottom that collects and safely stores your precious pollen for later use. Gathering the pollen dust is made extremely easy with the included plastic scraper.

Smoking on the go is a whole lot easier when you're carrying the right accessories. Don't get caught without a grinder and especially a cool one like this! Just toss it in your backpack or bag and you're good to go. 

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