Jason Gas Mask Bong with Bubble Base Tube

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Scare the crap out of your stoner friends and make them laugh with the creepy and very fun Jason Gas Mask Bong with the Bubble Base Tube Design.  

This gas mask bong features a frightfully cool Jason design on the face mask. The mask attaches to a colored acrylic bubble base tube that looks awesome and adds extra room for cooling of your big smokey rips! 

This is a wildly fun, one-size-fits-most smoking device everyone will want to try, so be ready to share! To use it, put some water in the bong, slip the gas mask on and tighten the adjustable straps. Then load the included dry herb bowl with your ground herbs and light up! It's a good idea to close your eyes when using this bong to prevent eye irritation as the smoke swirls around inside the mask.  

Both the acrylic tube and its plastic base are removable, as is the metal downstem that's held in place with a grommet. The metal screw-on bowl comes off too for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

The Jason Gas Mask Bong is a must-have for parties, the beach, festivals, poolside, or anytime you want to get royally blasted using a very unusual bong!  

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