Ispire daab E-Rig

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The daab by Ispire is a sleek induction-heated handheld e rig that's perfect for on the go use. It measures 9.75" x 3.5" 2.25" and weighs just over a pound so it fits right in your backpack or bag for easy travel.

This affordable battery-operated rig can deliver the kind of hits you want to enjoy from your favorite concentrates whether you prefer small tasty cold start dabs or high-temp clouds bursting with flavor.  

The daab uses an all-glass airflow path to ensure the perfect balance of temperature control and flavor. Because it uses induction heat, the daab offers clean, even heating so you can enjoy the best tasting dabs ever.

The rig's boro glass cups heat up with precision and ensure that no contaminants spoil the flavor of your concentrates. With a temp range of 250°F-800°F, you can customize your dab seshes any way you like to get more pleasure from the materials you're dabbing. 

In the Box: 

1x daab 
1x Water chamber/carrier cup 
1x Reclaim cup 
1x Carb cap
2x Inner cup
1x USB cable
2x Insulation silicone ring 
1x User manual 

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