Invincipole Infinity Adjustable Downstem

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What's wrong with regular glass downstems? Well, other than the fact that they can easily break, it's hard to determine the length you need to perfectly fit your glass bong. On top of that, once you find the right size, it's likely to not be compatible with any of your other bongs.

Introducing the Invincipole - the adjustable, unbreakable, universal downstem. The Invincipole Infinity is the new improved version of the Invincipole that offers an 18mm/14mm joint fitting and downstem that can be telescopically adjusted from 3"-5.75" to fit virtually any bong. The Invincipole Infinity is precision crafted from an aerospace-grade aluminum module with a full-body hard-anodization and a sleek, satin finish. The Infinity series features the new pressure lock and release taper joints. The pressure responsive design secures your downstem into your bong then easily releases with a simple click anti-jamming operation, preventing the downstem from wedging into the bong. Meanwhile, internal joints provide superior holding strength plus easy bowl removal with fluid twist and pull motion. The redefined hex head allows you to maneuver the piece with little effort along with anti-roll stability while cleaning. Precision lightning ridges make pole extension easy while the inner O-ring seals the directed airflow. The downstem also features a removable multi-hole diffuser cap that houses the final ash defense system, our proprietary stainless-steel screen. This high-flow mesh is reliable, effective, and enhances your smoking experience tenfold.

The Invincipole Infinity is best paired with the Invincibowl but it can comfortably fit any 14mm bowl of your choosing.

  • Indestructible, Shatterproof Design
  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
  • New Pressure Lock and Release
  • New Hex Head
  • Adjustable Length from 3" - 5.75"
  • Percolation Diffuser
  • Built in, Replaceable Stainless Steel Screen
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Pairs Perfectly with Invincibowl
  • Outer Joint Size: 18mm Male
  • Bowl Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Compatible with Any 14mm Male Bowl

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