Honeybee Herb Titanium Pencil

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The Titanium Pencil dab tool from Honeybee Herb is a simple, heavy duty dabbing tool that will add to any dabbing set up. Made of high quality GR2 Titanium, this tool will hold the fattest of dabs and the hottest of temps. Scoop up any size dab from your container with this tried and true dab tool from Honeybee Herb.

The Honeybee Herb Titanium Pencil dab tool is available in both silver and gold and features a threaded end so you can add on a Honeybee Herb carb cap if you wish.

  • High Quality GR2 Titanium Construction
  • Perfect Go-To Dab Tool
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Threaded End to Add Carb Cap (not included)
  • Available in Gold and Silver
  • Honeybee Herb Decal
Brand Honeybee Herb
Material Titanium
Length 5"

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